Stefanie Kay

An Introduction to Creative Kinesiology

Talk at Ruishton Village Hall 
Thursday, 29th September 2022, 7.30pm

My name is Tini Kay and I am a Creative Kinesiologist, a member of “The Creative Kinesiology Association” and also of “The Kinesiology Federation “. 

During my talk I would like to introduce the concept of muscle testing and also show a few different techniques for self-testing. So hopefully everyone can find one that speaks to them. 


Some might be using crystals or other ways for balancing and testing already. The magic of muscle testing is that it helps track down the root of a physical, nutritional, emotional, spiritual or energetic blockage or trigger or even unbeknown thought or behaviour pattern leading to such blockages. 


Muscle Tracking can then also be used for finding out the optimum techniques for healing or releasing the found stress, emotion or trauma that might be held in the body or energy system. 


That’s why I will also introduce some self help techniques, which can be used not only for healing or releasing but also for keeping once in alignment with grounding and centering in check. This will help with being resilient in midst all of the challenges and changes that are happening possibly not only on a personal but also on a collective level in our world around us. 

All of us being in personal alignment with ourselves will benefit the universal and collective alignment.

This will be very much a ‘practical’ talk.  Everyone is welcome to join in as much as they feel comfortable to do so or be welcome to watch and witness from once own safe personal space. 

Much love Tini