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Emma Fitchett

Talk at Ruishton Village Hall
Thursday, 28th March 2023 - 7.30pm
Entry £5 per person

Emma Fitchett (Farrell) will be offering a follow-on session to her previous presentation on the conscious intelligence of plants. In her first talk we learned about how to connect with and communicate with plants effectively through the form of plant diets. For part two she will be sharing more specific details of how to work in a conscious co-creative way with plant spirits, how to communicate with them through the pendulum and how to manage a spirit team safely and effectively. She will also be speaking about the nature of specific plant spirits including Vervain, Mugwort, Wormwood, Hawthorn and the sacred Apple Tree. Woven throughout Emma’s interactive talk will be stories, personal experiences and the opportunity to journey with one of her plant spirit allies.


Plant spirit work blends with many healing modalities and spiritual paths, this is an opportunity to learn how to bring the metaphysical plants into your life in a more fulfilling and consciousness expanding way.


Do bring your pendulum if you have one!

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