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Gordon Field Talk and Workshop - May/June2022

Twelve years ago Gordon walked into an ancient wood in Brittany and his life changed.

He now knows that time and space were on hold as the trees formed a powerful connection with him.

The trees have since taken Gordon on a journey where he has been introduced to powerful energy lines, trees, springs and wells along with the hidden history of our recent ancestors who had a symbiotic connection with the land, which enabled them to heal it. Gordon held his audience spellbound as he described his deep connection with these ancient and powerful entities and his ability to receive communications from them.

Just over a week later, a group visited Gordon's garden and orchard at Otterhead, and walked with him in the woods around his house, experiencing the energy of some of the trees he knows best. We were introduced to the local Beacon Trees, which have the strongest energetic fields, and which have given Gordon information about the natural world and the healing needed by the planet. As newcomers to this immense energy, we were also given the opportunity to connect individually with the less powerful trees in Gordon's orchard, and to learn some of their secrets. All who took part felt privileged to share this wonderful energy and to learn more about Gordon's work.

Gordon introduces the group to the Beacon Tree in his garden

Avebury and West Kennet Long Barrow with Peter Knight and Sue Wallace

April 2022

Peter Knight and Sue Wallace have led field trips for many years, including for the BSD and other dowsing groups, including Somerset Dowsers. On this fascinating tour we were guided around the ancient megaliths of Avebury, enlightened and entertained by Peter's deep knowledge of the site and his good humoured presentation. We dowsed for the St Michael and St Mary Lines as they snake around the henge, felt the deep energies stored within the megaliths, and caught maybe a glimpse of how the ancients connected with the monument as we experienced chanting and drumming around one of the stones.

Peter greets an old friend at Avebury and we explore the energies at West Kennet

We later moved on to West Kennet Long Barrow, the incredible Neolithic chambered tomb, and the subject of one of Peter's books. Here we once again dowsed the energies associated with the Mary and Michael Lines and marvelled as Peter pointed out the monument's carefully calculated position in the landscape and its relationship to nearby Silbury Hill. We then explored the inner chambers where Peter and Sue a demonstrated the powerful acoustic resonances of the chambers as their drumming led us in an Earth-healing ceremony.

A truly inspiring day!

Group photo courtesy of Angela Nicholls, Malvern Dowsers


Richard Cawte - Managing Stress and Anxiety

Talk - March 2022

A fascinating evening in the company of Richard Cawte, a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist and stress management consultant, who spoke about how the pandemic has affected the mental health of so many people, and offered thoughts and strategies to help ease some of the stresses of modern life. The evening ended with a guided relaxation which invited the audience to find freedom from the issues and problems facing them and left us all lighter and calmer.

Richard specialises in treatments for stress, anxiety, insomnia, stop-smoking, weight loss, phobias, public speaking and pre-exam nerves.

Find out more at

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