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The Bards of Avalon - The Alchemy of Sound and Dowsing

Talk at Ruishton Village Hall
Thursday, 26th September 2024 - 7.30pm
Entry £5 per person

Dowsing and working with Earth energies have been a key part of Bea and David’s journey with sound over the past two decades. They have found that working with sound and intention can create extraordinary outcomes and dowsing can be used to measure those changes.


In this presentation Bea and David will share experiences of dowsing and collaborating with dowsers in their sound work. They will also weave in some live music to honour the Spirit of the Land and all present.


Bea and David are sound alchemists, working full-time with sound therapy since 2010 as Bards of Avalon. Their album, “The Archangel Transmissions” was critically acclaimed by both Kindred Spirit and Paradigm Shift magazines. They are also contributing authors to four of the Bounce Back Journey books which became Amazon best sellers.


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