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Step into the Joy of Dowsing

Workshop with Mandy Bennett
Saturday, 11th May, 2024
10am-4pm   Ruishton Village Hall

£30 per person - Pre-booking essential as spaces are limited!

Mandy's workshop in February proved very popular, and  we were unable to accommodate all those who wanted to attend this practical introduction to dowsing.  We are therefore delighted that Mandy has agreed to repeat the day for us.

We will cover :


What is dowsing?

Why dowse?

Protection and Permissions – be sensible and respectful

What can you dowse? (Clue – how big is your imagination?)

Getting a dowsing reaction (and what to do with it once you have it!)

Questions, Questions, Questions

Dowsing tools – the weird and the wonderful

Dowsing methods – it’s not just Yes or No

Dowsing applications – more than a bearded man with a forked twig looking for water

                                        (no offence to bearded men with forked twigs)

Where to go from here on your dowsing journey.


An informative and fun day to be had by all.  Come join us.

Mandy Bennett BSc Hons

Mandy is a professional Health and Land & Property Dowser with over two decades of professional dowsing experience, having first discovered the joy of dowsing over 40 years ago.


She trained with Health Dowser Jack Temple, over 20 years ago, and has developed her dowsing since then.  She works with clients around the world, utilizing remote dowsing for personal health and identifying and resolving Geopathic stress and other property issues.


Mandy ran Somerset Dowsers for 5 years and has coached hundreds of people in dowsing at multiple shows, talks and courses on behalf of the Group and beyond, as well as leading numerous dowsing outings to various sites to investigate Earth Energies, Healing places, Holy wells and Archaeology.  She has presented for many other dowsing groups including Devon, Cardiff and Slimbridge, and run workshops for the British Society of Dowsers, and was published in their journal – Dowsing Today.  She also instigated, co- planned, organised and managed, the first South West Dowsing Festival (DFEST) – being one of the speakers, outing leaders and expert panellists.


In addition to her love of dowsing she is an Energy Therapist, Psychic, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner.

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