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Noel from Devon Dowsers - The Taunton Project - An Update and an Invitation 

Talk at Ruishton Village Hall
Thursday, 30th May, 2024 - 7.45pm
£5 Entry

Please note - Somerset Dowsers' AGM will be held at  7pm, prior to the talk.

In this talk Noel will share a fascinating story that describes how three Tree Guardians found themselves drawn together to respond to a clear yet enigmatic message to "Bring Back Mary".


This turned out to involve the powerful Earth Energy line we all know and love and seemed to follow on from an earlier challenge and Project, which past Chairs of Somerset Dowsers (Mandy Bennett and the late Kate Fortlage) had explored and documented titled: 'What’s wrong with Taunton'.


What seemed like a task involving Earth Energies then expanded to include a time in history that has darkened Taunton for 340 years.   


With many local folk still speaking in somewhat hushed tones about the ‘Hanging Judge’, a small window in time revealed an opportunity to address this darkness.


Once the quiet part was resolved, it was time to open up an invitation to all enlightened souls to join in the task of calling the Light back to Taunton and anchor it in place.


This collective effort continues and now, with a greater understanding of this fascinating story, you are invited to add your Love, Light and Intention to the heart of Taunton.

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