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The Aquatic Language of Megalithic Sites - Dr Alex Ling

We have an opportunity to join Tamar Dowsers for a Zoom talk next Friday, 12th January at 7.30pm, to be given by Cornwall-based researcher Dr Alex Ling.

This talk follows on from his participation in the BSD International Dowsing Day, which is available to view on the BSD YouTube channel.

The information below gives a brief but utterly fascinating description of the work undertaken by Alex and his team.

A Zoom Talk to the Tamar Dowsers

The Aquatic Language of Megalithic Sites

Dr Alex Ling

"We have recorded sound directly from the stones. This corresponding signal had a massive delay, which in physics is impossible. The signal takes usually 0.2 milliseconds to travel through the stone and when we used a specific sound, the signal took 2.9 seconds to travel the same distance. This specific sound/signal is creating some form of communication and creates a delayed response signal. This signal seems to activate some form of communication between the stones as all neighbouring stones within the circle responded the same way. None of the stones which aren’t a part of the circle responded in such way. This is quite a find, and perhaps this specific signal is the very sound which connects the ancient sites to each other. Water is a major factor in this."

If you would like to attend this talk, there will as usual be a £3 fee, payable by BACS. Please make your payment, then email Judith by the end of Wednesday, 10th. Judith will send out the link on Thursday 11th.

A number of other Zoom talks are in the pipeline for Winter and Spring 2024: a list as soon as we have a complete one!

Photograph: Glassel Stones, Scotland - Jim Henderson

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