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Geoff's Dowsing Adventures

Geoff Brinkman is an experienced dowser, and a long-standing member of Somerset Dowsers. In this post, he shares some of what he's been up to!

This year has been interesting. I have had a couple of requests to find water, both near to Shepton Mallet. The first was a 'lost' water main that was not where the water board said it would be, but yes, we did locate it and now the owner can have water for the house he intends to build and also a supply for his camp site .

The second, and most enjoyable one was a farm near to Canards Grave. The farmer's pond was drying up, the level having dropped about 8ft, and was near to the bottom . It appeared that the spring that fed it had dried up - it was the height of the hot weather and the water table had dropped significantly. So I dowsed for an alternative source and found another a little up the hill. The water course flowed to a tree stump where it divided into two. One of the streams was too small to be of use but the other was ok. I pointed out the spot where the farmer should dig and left him to it

A week or so later he called me to say he’d dug 10ft down and found nothing but damp gravel! Alas he’d dug about 5 feet away from where I had highlighted, so I made another visit and this time I laid a trail of flags to follow the stream. He relocated the digger and dug a 4ft hole on the line of my flags, but still found nothing but damp shale and gravel! As the digger was due to go off hire that morning he filled the holes in and we went away dejected . A few days later he called me again, and I expected to be shouted at for wasting his time! BUT he was pleased because it seems that digging the trenches had moved the stream and the pond was refilling again!

This very satisfied customer has extended an invitation to the group to dowse on his land, where there are many springs to be found - and also just up the lane there is a hundred stone. For those not aware of hundred stones, they are markers of ancient meeting places where armies would be mustered and where the local chief would hold court, almost the forerunner of the magistrates court. Sadly, I have dodgy knees and find the field very difficult . But if the group would like to go and dowse for whatever they can find it could well be an interesting exercise!

Geoff - Sept 2022

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